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11 Steps to Activate a New Mindset and Change Your Life

With the changes of every season a time of reflection happens almost imperceptibly but it steers our thinking in a direction of evaluation of past and present circumstances. Whether you are happy with where you currently are or you are actively looking for ways to make your life better, realizing that this reflection helps jumpstart the process so you can activate a new mindset is important.

Every person, no matter who you are, what you have been through and what your aspirations are could benefit from the knowledge of how to activate a new mindset, one that promotes their goals, utmost desires, and dreams. Of course, many would agree that it is a process and activating a new mindset is not as easy as it sounds, however, in my book “Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life” I created a guide, to help you through the process in taking the step to a better life.

 How to Activate a New Mindset

1.   Reflect on your current circumstances

Nothing helps more to find the direction of where you want to go than evaluating where you currently are. Ask yourself, where in your life do you exhibit a fixed mindset? What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams and building the life you want for yourself? Now, reflect on the level of difficulty to overcome those circumstances. True, there might be external circumstances you have no control over, however, ask yourself, what is there that I CAN control? What step can I take TODAY that will bring me a tiny bit closer to my desired life? Would it be to simply wake up an hour early in the morning? Or maybe to sign up for a class that will enhance your skill set? Would it be to hire that coach you’ve been putting off? Or maybe even as small as ordering groceries online, so you can spend the time working on developing your dream or time spent with your kids?

What is it? Be as objective as possible.

2.   Recognize you are in control

Of everything that exists on this Earth and surrounds you, there is one thing you have absolutely full control over – your mind! It is your God given gift, your beacon in the dark that you can always rely on. If you are in the darkest of darkest places on Earth, you still have FULL control over your thoughts, over your self-talk, over your subconscious and what you are feeding it.  Recognizing that you are in full control of your mind, and you can choose to make a new choice at any moment, a choice that can change the trajectory of your whole life is a blessing you cannot ignore. Repeat after me, I am in control, and I can make a new choice.

3.   Create a vision

It really cannot be any simpler than this- if you know where you want to go, all you have to do is “enter the address” on your “internal GPS”. Feed your mind the image of your success! You have to build a clear vision of where you want to be. See it so clearly where you can almost “taste” that victory! Don’t waste time looking for directions! Just focus on the final destination. What does it look like? What are you doing when you get there? How does the air smell? What do you see? What do you feel? Simply BE there in that moment! You are the architect of your life. Own this. Like you know your middle name.

4.   Face challenges head on

If there is anything humans are good at, that is to make a mountain out of a molehill. Tell me, are the challenges you are facing THAT bad, or are they actually issues that you can overcome, challenges that you CAN face and win, battles that you CAN win and grow. When we are in the midst of a situation it’s like a storm, where it is difficult to gain perspective and we tend to overreact. Step back, take a breath, regroup, and face whatever is in front of you, one step at a time. If you have a breath in your lungs and your heart is beating, you CAN overcome this and you will.

5.   Maintain Control

Remember step two? You OWN your thoughts! So, control what enters your mind! It’s a matter of practice really. I know how hard it can be and that is why I am telling you now, don’t take your eyes off the prize! If you let your guard down, you can lose focus off the fact that you are in control. Maintaining control over your thoughts will make the journey smooth and the destination reachable.

6.   Accept constructive criticism

In the process of growing and developing ourselves, we need to learn. In the learning process itself, we need to be able to accept and work through constructive criticism. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we have to fold and accept other people’s opinion on how we should pursue our goals and what we need to do to achieve them. However, constructive criticism can be extremely helpful in the path we are taking, because sometimes we tend to be too close to a problem or challenge that we are not able to identify the issues we are facing. Anyone can benefit from an outside perspective. Don’t take it personal, work through the helpful parts of it and learn from it. Be open and embrace it!

7.   Learn the Lessons

No journey is always smooth sailing but learning how to navigate through the storm can only make us better sailors. Learning the lessons that present themselves on your journey to a better life is vital when you want to activate a new mindset and change your life. Nothing can substitute experience. You can read a thousand books, you can take classes, you can look at tutorials, you can quiz people on their experiences, but nothing will compare to the journey YOU will experience because that is the point- this is YOUR journey and yours alone. Learning the lessons that your circumstances teach you ensures that you will reach your destination that much faster. Life doesn’t have to be hard; you just need to navigate it the right way.

8.   Realize your potential

You are capable of extraordinary things! You just have to believe it! When you look at all of the incredible stories of amazing humans who performed true acts of miracle, you have to ask yourself…so, what is MY superpower? What am I good at? How can I make the biggest difference? How is my journey going to change the world? And when you reflect on the right questions, you are able to answer them. Then you will be that much closer to fulfilling your destiny and building the life you dream of, the life you deserve.

9.   Make a choice

Making choices does not have to be overwhelming. That is why they are so important. Making a choice that will allow you to take the next step? Even more important. You need to be able to objectively evaluate your situation and make a choice. Would it be the right choice every time? No. Nobody makes the right choice EVERY time. However, the act of making a choice is vital for your progress, how close you can get to your dream. Being stuck in indecision and (self) doubt is one of the worst things you can fall prey to. Remember, YOU are in control! You CAN make a new choice. You CAN move the direction of your dreams, no matter how slowly or how far. MAKE a choice!

10. Evaluate if things in your life or your actions are empowering

You have to be as objective as possible and focus on taking out of your life anything that doesn’t serve your growth or won’t help you to move in that direction. Yes, that does mean toxic people, no matter how closely related you are. Don’t be afraid to place boundaries! The most successful people on Earth do have boundaries and they are not afraid to show them. What are some boundaries that you can put in place that deep down you know is needed? Think about it and take action!

11.  Acknowledge when something may not be working

On your journey sometimes you might feel like you are not walking down the right path. Be open to adjustments, be open to changes, be open to possibilities! Don’t get stuck on this one way just because you chose to be there in the first place. PIVOT! It is a life skill! On the road to greatness there may be a couple of stumbles and falls, and that’s OK. You just need to be open minded and to keep your end vision in mind.

At the end of the day, you have to believe that it is possible to activate a new mindset. Once you establish that anything is possible, guess what? NOTHING will be IMPOSSIBLE! It’s even in the word, right? I’M POSSIBLE! Believe it and you will achieve it.

You got this!

~ Stay Blessed,