Meet Diana


I Am Diana Pagano

Hi, I’m Diana Pagano,

I’m a successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, mom of four and a wife to a man who dreams as big as I do. I fill my life with healthy breakfast smoothies, very high heels, and a fierce passion for helping others “Make Things Happen!”

But that wasn’t always my story….

I grew up with little to no certainty, overcoming obstacles was the norm.  Living to just survive. I did not know what it was like to have stability and security. Simply, trying to make sense out of life. Wondering “How is this my life?!” Ever asked yourself that?

Failure was just not an option for me….

I wanted more!
That’s when I realized I wasn’t truly living with intention. I was settling.

I had to make a change, reprogram and reset my way of thinking.

I learned the power which exists in every one of us, God’s greatest gift, to control what I allowed in and how to take control of how I was manifesting my reality. I raised my standards both in business and my personal life.

I transformed my life!

I’ve created an amazing life that I have always dreamed of and so can you!

From being a successful real estate professional and business leader; no professional milestone even comes close to the passion – to the obsession – I feel each day for showing you how to “Make Things Happen”. Not only are YOU capable in changing your life around for the better – you deserve it!

I’m here to tell you, you can change your circumstance around regardless of how you got there.

Regardless of your past circumstances, regardless of your life path…

Are You Ready to Make Things Happen?

My mission is to help people just like you make a positive change in their lives! I've empowered individuals and teams to make big changes, resulting in HUGE results!