Keynote Speeches

Diana will customize a keynote speech specific to your audience. Whether it’s fearlessness, letting go of the past or unlocking your potential – Diana will share her own personal experience to relate to her Make it Happen message.


Making Things Happen is an empowerment forum that features insights to living your best life. Diana focuses on showing her audience tangible tools and techniques that they can start implementing right away and get the results they desire, faster. If you’re ready to start living a life of meaning and not just surviving life, this event is for you.

From webinars to touring live events, Making Things Happen will support and guide you to inspire, empower and create the life you are meant to lead. Making Things Happen focuses on evolving the everyday mindset to determine what’s really holding you back in your personal or professional life. This event series is the life-long dream of entrepreneur and business leader, Diana Pagano. 


Diana’s webinars are an effective tool for you to be inspired and gain insightful strategies to Make Things Happen. Whether you are inviting her to a webinar as a guest speaker or you are attending one of Diana’s webinars, she is committed to speaking about topics that resonate with those looking to change their lives and mindset. Some of Diana’s webinars include, “Uncovering Your Potential”, “Fixed vs. Growth Mindset”, “Overcoming Your Fears” and more!

Media Presence

Diana naturally loves to connect and empower others — that’s what Make Things Happen is all about. She is available for live or recorded segments for radio, tv and podcasts.

Live or recorded events on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are a creative, fun and spontaneous way to engage and share empowering insights. If you have a live feed or recorded event happening and need a guest speaker who can deliver, Diana is your person.